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Pacman 30th Anniversary

Pacman 30th Anniversary or Pacman Doodle is a Google tribute for the 30th birthday of the original arcade Pacman game.


Pacman Google

What is Pacman 30th anniversary?

Pacman 30th Anniversary or the Pacman Doodle, is a tribute by Google to the original Pac-Man that came out 30 years ago and was brought back to life in 2010, celebrating the game success and its birthday since its original release back in 1980. Pacman 30th Anniversary has been completely remade from the start while retaining the original game iconic atmosphere and graphics. Players are celebrating not only the game 30th anniversary but also a legendary classic.

The Pacman can influence the cultural mores with its innovative design. For any electronic game platform, it became very profitable due to its countless versions and limitations. Soon it emerged in the newspapers, magazine articles, cartoon television series, popular songs, and merchandise in the United States on the best-seller lists. On Pacman 30th birthday google embedded its link on the page logo for free play.

Google rebuilt the game from the ground up while retaining the original gameplay and characters, as well as repairing legendary level 256. Now in Pacman Google, after you complete all 255 levels on level 256 you will get the message "Game Over."

Pacman Google

How to Play Pacman 30th Anniversary (Doodle)?

Google always changes its logo on special events but does not change it is logo into a playable game before the Pacman 30th anniversary. Where we can play pacman doodle game? simply in google search type pacman and hit enter or you can play Pacman 30th Anniversary on our website we provide for you direct link to the game.

After proceeding from this step you dont perform any action the game will be started automatically. By clicking twice on the Insert Coin two players will be allowed to play the game, the second player can control the movements from WASD or arrow keys. This is the way through which I used to play with my friends and enjoy it a lot.


Now scroll up and play PacMan 30th Anniversary , and of course ENJOY THE Game!





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