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Everything you need to know about the legendary Pacman Game

History of Pacman


Back in 1979, the computer game Pacman appeared, which turned the idea for arcade games. The popularity of labyrinths came precisely thanks to Thor Iwatani, the creator of the game. It is believed that he was inspired by eating pizza. It turns out that the usual process for each of us can lead to the emergence of a brilliant idea. The pizza without one slice really looks exactly like Pac-Man. Tooru himself later revealed that this theory is partly true. The creator gave the final look to the hero of the game by rounding the hieroglyph "kuti", meaning mouth or eating something. The official release date of the game is 1980.

If you've never played Pacman, you should definitely give it a try. Despite the fact that the game comes from the 80s, it has undergone changes and additions. At the same time, even the original version will delay more than one hour.

The developer of the Japanese company Namco, Toru Iwatani, worked on the game for eighteen months. He tried to add interesting elements so that the journey through the maze would attract not only teenagers, but also older people.

Pacman Gameplay

The original name was Pakku-Man. In Japan, the appearance of the game went almost unnoticed, since Space Invaders or Defender already existed on the market. But a year later, the American company Midway decides to distribute the game in their homeland. This is how the name Puck Man came about. But the US Youth immediately replaced the first letter P with F. Therefore, it was decided to change the name again, the now well-known Pac-Man appeared.

The genre of the game is arcade, the main character is a yellow round mouth.The goal of Pacman is to go through the maze and collect dots or small balls. At the same time, you can not run into ghosts that periodically appear on the way. Ghosts appear different and they have their own names. Blinky (red), Inkey (blue), Pinky (pink) and Clyde (red). At the same time, after eating the ball, sinister pests become vulnerable and avoid the hero.

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